Digitizing your video will stop the aging process.

Especially old analogue material tends to deteriorate rapidly in quality (under the influence of magnetism, among other things).

We can transfer your video material to digital files which are put on USB-stick or hard disk. Also we can make these files available as a download. These files can be viewed on your television, phone or tablet. You can also easily share the files with your family members, friends and interested parties. We can also make DVDs or Blu-rays for you using these files.


All prices include 21% VAT and are subject to change. Would you like to approximate the total costs yourself? Then use our easy to use price calculator.

The price is independent of the number of minutes of video on a tape.

The prices include:

  • transferring to a data carrier (USB/hard disk/SSD);
  • downloading it via the internet (via personal link).

Type 1

  • Video-8
  • Digital 8
  • hi-8
  • (S) VHS
  • (S)VHS-C
  • mini-DV
€ 12.50
25+ tapes

Type 2

  • Video 2000/VCC
  • Betamax
  • MicroMV
  • HDV
  • Laserdisc
  • DV
  • DV CAM
€ 18.75
25+ tapes

Type 3

  • U-matic
  • Betacam
  • Digibeta
€ 22.50
25+ tapes

Type 4

  • VCR (Philips N1500, N1700)
25+ tapes
Video-8, Digital 8, hi-8, (S) VHS, (S)VHS-C, mini-DV  Price
1 tape € 22.50
2 to 4 tapes € 20.00
5 to 9 tapes € 17.50
10 to 24 tapes € 15.00
25 and more tapes € 12.50
Video 2000/VCC, Betamax, MicroMV, HDV, Laserdisc, DV, DV CAM Price
1 tape € 33.75
2 to 4 tapes € 30.00
5 to 9 tapes € 26.25
10 to 24 tapes € 22.50
25 and more tapes € 18.75
U-matic, Betacam, Digibeta Price
1 tape € 40.50
2 to 4 tapes € 36.00
5 to 9 tapes € 31.50
10 to 24 tapes € 27.00
25 and more tapes € 22.50
VCR (Philips N1500, N1700) Price
1 tape € 63.00
2 to 4 tapes € 56.00
5 to 9 tapes € 49.00
10 to 24 tapes € 42.00
25 and more tapes € 35.00
Options Price
Use of professional codec for video (e.g.  Prores HQ 422) € 5.00
Reparing damaged or broken tape (more info) € 18.50
Mold removal per tape (more info) € 17.00
De-sticking of tapes (more info) € 46.00
NTSC, SECAM tape surcharge (more info) € 8.50
Customized video editing (per hour of work) € 48.60
Sample scan Free
Transferring to media Price
USB/hard disk/SSD
You can supply them yourself if you want to
See webshop
DVD € 12.00
Extra DVD copy
Cheaper with multiple copies.
€ 9.25

Default way of digitization

By default, we transfer every video tape you supply to a computer file (in .H264 format) for USB stick, hard disk or SSD. The whole tape will be digitized.

Technique used

We use well-maintained professional playback equipment to transfer your videos. If the image quality leaves something to be desired, the tape in question will also be played on another machine (preferably another brand/type) to rule out problems with the equipment.


Download via the internet

You will receive a personalized link with which you can download the digitized files. We keep the files on our servers for 2 months. They will be deleted after this period.

Put on DVD

We can also put the digitized video files on DVD. You can indicate in which order the tapes will be put on DVD. Additionally, you can indicate whether the tapes must be put on their own seperate DVD or not. Each DVD supports up to 120 minutes of video material.

Free sample scan

You can request a free sample scan to get an idea of how the video material will be digitized.

Editing video material

You are able to edit the files we deliver yourself (click here to learn more). We can also do the editing for you. In consultation we can then, among other things: change the order of films, cut out pieces, and add music.

Different codec

We can convert your video recordings to all modern video formats. We convert your material to H.264 by default. We can also supply other formats if you wish. For example DV AVI or Apple Prores 422 HQ. If you want to work with video professionally, you can also consider other codecs. More information can be found on our codec page.

Frequently Asked Questions – Video

Bewerken van gedigitaliseerde video en films – met welke programma’s kan ik dat doen?

Er zijn diverse mogelijkheden om zelf  gedigitaliseerde video’s en films te monteren. Voor alleen knippen en plakken adviseer ik LosslessCut.Het voordeel van dit programma is dat de video niet gehercodeerd hoeft te worden en er zo geen kwaliteit verloren gaat. Indien u meer wilt, zoals toevoegen titels, muziek, overgangen e.d. dan heeft u een wat uitgebreider programma nodig. Zie hier voor mijn top-5 van aanbevolen gratis video montage programma’s:
Bewerken van video bestanden
Als u nog meer eisen heeft, dan is een betaald programma aan te bevelen. Enkele voorbeelden hiervan: Final cut pro (Apple) en Adobe Premiere / Magix Video voor de PC.

Could I request a sample scan?

Yes, that is possible. You can request your free sample scan here.

When copying large files I get an error message

The problem when a large video file cannot be copied is usually that the file system of the hard disk or USB stick is still in FAT32 format. Files larger than 4GB cannot be stored on a FAT32 volume. Formatting the flash drive in the exFAT or NTFS file system will solve this problem.

You can find more information about this:

USB stick is not working on TV

Sometimes a USB flash drive with video files does not play properly on a TV.
If this is the case, please contact us. Please provide the TV brand and type number, then we can solve the problem for you.
If you are technical, you can often solve the problem yourself. Here are some tips:
  • The USB stick is not recognized: TVs sometimes cannot handle all formats of USB sticks. Sometimes they cannot read NTFS or exFAT. You can find out which format USB sticks your TV can read in its manual.
    If that is the case, you can create a USB stick in the correct format and transfer the video files to it.
  • The USB stick is recognized, but the (video) files do not play properly. We create the files in a format that plays well on as many TVs as possible. However, some (old) TV’s may not be able to play the files in this format. In the manual of your TV you can find which formats / codecs are supported. These video files need to be transferred to a format that is playable on your TV.

More questions?

Let us know via the contact form