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  • Unique number per film
  • Professional scanners
  • Image enhancement and cleaning

Digitize 35mm films

This format (35mm film) is the most widely used format for high quality films (cinema films, documentaries etc.).

Because this format of film contains a great deal of information, we recommend having it scanned at a resolution of 4K.

Types of 35mm film

  • 35mm – no sound
  • 35mm optical sound
  • 35mm magnetic sound

All prices are including 21% VAT and subject to change.

Number of minutes (price per minute) 4K
less then 120 € 15,00
121-480 € 13,75
481+ € 12,50
Setup costs Price
Set-up costs cine film 35mm (per order) € 12,50
Surcharges Price
Coil change (per supplied coil 35mm) € 13,50
Transfer sound (per minute) € 0,35
Options Price
Image enhancement colour and clarity (per minute) € 0,75
Coding files in professional codec (e.g. Prores 422 HQ) (per minute) € 0,25
Video editing (per man hour) € 50,00
Put on media carier Price
USB / hard disc / SSD
You can supply them yourself also.
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Example resolutions

Image enhancements

When digitizing your films, you can also opt for image enhancements. This corrects the images for brightness, image stabilization, colors, sharpness, noise, dirt and stains. Making the result more beautiful.

See the example scans below for examples. We charge a subcharge of € 0,75 per minute.

Mould removal

If the films to be scanned have stains caused by moulds, we can specially clean the films. With our mould cleaning machine we can remove between 85% and 100% of the stains from the films. See the example scans below for examples. We charge a subcharge of €2,25 per minute. If mould exist on a reel of film, we need to process the complete reel to remove the mold.

It is also possible to only have your films cleaned for mold without having them digitized. Additional cost for this (on top of the per minute surcharge) is €7,50 per reel.

Note: Mold cannot be removed from movies with film cleaner!

Especially for Agfa films, fungus / mold is a common problem.

Choices in cropping the film

With our scanners, we can scan the entire film image. No information/edges drop out during scanning.

You can choose from

  1. Full format Overscan. In this, all the information of the image is visible. Includes image that belongs outside the standard projector frame, including perforation holes. Film markings such as KODAK K40 etc. in the edges are also visible here.
  2. Matted (image normally visible when projected, with black edges on the sides)

By default, we deliver the films in Matted.

Keuzen in uitsnedes

Our process

Preparing the films

  • Every film gets an unique number.
  • If absent, a film leader will be attached to the film.
  • The films will be checked for bad welds. If there are any bad welds they will be repaired.
  • If necessary the films will be cleaned with professional filmcleaner.


  • We scan with the professional Blackmagic Cintel 35mm film scanner.
  • Each frame will get a separate recording.
  • We can handle all speeds of recorded films (for example 18 or 24 frames per second).
  • Sound on the films is also digitized.


  • After scanning and possibly applying image enhancements, the films can be transferred to any format you want.
  • We can transfer it as ready-made video files. These files can then be played directly on your computer, television, tablet, media player and smartphone.
  • We can provide the video files in different video formats. For more information, see our codec page.

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