How to order?

  1. You order the desired device via our webshop. You can choose between picking up or sending.
  2. If you no longer need the device, send it back together with the completed hire-purchase form.
  3. After return we will refund the remaining amount to your bank account within 1 week.
  4. You can also choose to keep the device yourself.

Extra services

We can also take care of entire projects for you, including advice, installation on location, explanation and demonstration, picking up equipment and the like. For this, we can make you a customized quote. Please contact us if you are interested.


You buy a device and later decide whether you want to keep it or just rent it. You do not have to indicate in advance whether you want to buy or rent a used device. After an appliance has been rented out, each appliance is checked, cleaned and tested. All devices come with a test report.

For every week (or part of the week) that you use the projector it costs 20% of the new price, with a minimum of € 35. From 4 weeks onwards, the device automatically becomes your property. If the projector is returned within 4 weeks, you will receive a part of your purchase amount back.

Advantages of rent-purchase

  • No need to decide in advance if you want to keep the device or not
  • 2 months warranty
  • Easy ordering through our webshop
  • Large choice of devices


Here are a few examples of projects where our equipment has been used.
These are a number of high-profile recordings, most rentals are for individuals who want to hold a family show.

Frequently Asked Questions – Rental

I do not know how my projector works. Do you also have manuals?

We have manuals available for most projectors. See our spare part finder.

Can I rent a projector or movie viewer so I can watch which films I want to digitize?

Yes, you can. We rent and sell film viewers and film projectors.

What type of 8mm film do I have?

There are two types of 8mm films:

1) super8 / single8

super8 films
super8/single8 film format

super8 films are usually put on coils with an inner diameter of 12 mm

2) regular8 (also called: normal8, standard8)

Regular 8 film (also called standard 8 or just 8mm film)

regular8 films are usually put on coils with an inner diameter of 8 mm

Meer vragen?

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