Repair broken or defective tapes

We can repair your broken or defective tapes again so that the material can then be transferred.

Tapes can break in many different ways: due to malfunction of the camcorder, accidents, etc. For example, we have already repaired tapes that were completely crushed. It is also often still possible to make sticky tapes playable again. Depending on the type of adhesion by baking the tapes or by chemical treatment.

The repair is expertly performed and the tape is tested after the repair. After repairing the tapes, we recommend having the material converted to a new image/sound carrier immediately and not using the tapes any further. We recommend that you have us do that, because pasted tape is bad for the heads of your equipment.


We are capable of repairing the following types of tapes:

  • Hi-8
  • Microcassette
  • mini-DV
  • U-matic
  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • Video 8
  • Video 2000/VCC
  • Audio Cassette
  • Betacam
  • Betamax
  • THAT
  • DCC
  • Digital-8
  • DV


Prices listed include 21% VAT and are subject to change

Service Prijs per tape
Repair of damaged or broken tape € 18,50
Removal of mold on tape € 17,00
Unsticking of tapes € 46,00

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