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16mm film digitizing

Whether it’s 16mm films of family memories or corporate films, we can make these precious movies digital for you so they can be easily viewed again.

For this we use the best film scanners. The images are converted to a digital file, so that they can be viewed via, for example, the television, computer, tablet or smart-phone.

Types of 16mm film

  • 16mm without sound
  • 16mm optical sound
  • 16mm magnetic sound
  • 16mm perfo tapes
  • Free sample scan

All prices are including 21% VAT and subject to change.

Calculate your price with our price calculator.

HD (1920×1080)
481+ minutes
16MM Perfotape
481+ minutes
Number of minutes (price per minute) HD 4K Perfo tapes
less then 120 € 4,99 € 5,99 € 4,99
121-480 € 4,48 € 5,48 € 4,48
481+ € 4,21 € 5,21 € 4,21
Setup costs Price
Set-up costs cine film 16mm (per order) € 12,50
Surcharges Price
Reel change (per supplied reel) € 2,00
Transfer sound (per minute) € 0,35
  • Viewt the sample scans of what the different options can do for you


Opties Prijs
Beeldverbetering kleur en helderheid (per minuut) € 0,75
Wetgate scannen (per minuut) € 0,50
Verwijderen van schimmels op de film (per minuut) € 2,25
Bestanden coderen in professionele codec (Prores 422 HQ, …) (per minuut) € 0,25
Achtergrond muziek monteren (per minuut) € 0,35
Video montage maatwerk (per uur werk) € 50,00
Proefscan Gratis
Op media zetten Prijs
USB-stick/harde schijf/SSD
U kunt deze zelf ook aanleveren
Zie webwinkel
DVD € 12,00
Blu-Ray € 20,00

Example resolutions

Image enhancements

When digitizing your films, you can also opt for image improvements. This corrects the images for brightness, image stabilization, colors, sharpness, noise, dirt and stains. Making the result more beautiful. See the example scans below for examples. We charge a subcharge of €0,75 per minute.

Mould removal

If the films to be scanned have stains caused by moulds, we can specially clean the films. With our mould cleaning machine we can remove between 85% and 100% of the stains from the films. See the example scans below for examples. We charge a subcharge of €2,25 per minute.

Choices in film crops
The film scanners we use, can scan the entire film image. No information/edges are lost during scanning.
You can choose from:
  • Full format Over scan. Here all information of the image is visible. Including image that belongs outside the standard projector frame, including the perforation holes. Film markings such as KODAK K40 etc. in the edges are also visible.
  • Matted (image normally visible when projected, with black edges on the side)
By default we deliver the films as Matted.
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