Our aim is to preserve all produced images and sound for the future.

Digitalisation is an important element here. We aim for perfection in image and sound quality. Our customer base is very diverse Examples are archives, media companies, photographers and private individuals. Ons team bestaat nu uit 10 toegewijde mensen. Van Eck Video Services V.O.F. is managed by Edwin van Eck and Linda van Eck.

Our activities

  • Digitizing image and sound (film, video, audio, photo)
  • Film and slide equipment: sales, repair and maintenance
  • Parts and supplies for film and slide: manufacturing and sales

Here are some examples of services / products we are proud of:

  • Digitize super8 movies with stereo sound in 4K image quality
  • Removal of mold from super8 films
  • Manufacturing of cams and cam followers of the Bauer T500, T600 series
  • Manufacture of film rewinders for 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film
  • Van Eck Video Services spare parts finder containing the corresponding parts and photos of more than 2000 devices.

We are currently in the process of growing our reseller network (service points) accross the world.

If your company (e.g. photographer, multimedia company, retail) is looking for additional revenues, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Our company is located in Tilburg

You can visit us directly, or use one of our drop-off points.

A brief history

  • 2003 Start of business, digitalization of video, film, audio and pictures.
  • 2008 (Web)shop for film/slide articles
  • 2010 Retail of film and slide equipment
  • 2012 Repair of film and slide equipment
  • 2014 Introduction of 3D printing for the fabrication of parts for film and slide projectors
  • 2015 Sales/rental/repair/parts for video equipment
  • 2016 New business unit for 3D printing services: 3DFormaDesign.nl
  • 2017 Film Archives Zeeuws archief digitized
  • 2018 — Fabrication started of new Kodak Carousel slide remotes and film rewinders.
  • 2021 – modernization of film scanners and mold cleaning machine for films with fungus put into operation

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