• Condition equipment check
  • Cleaning / mold removal
  • Digitizing
  • Preparation for optimal storage

Your partner for digitizing image and sound collections

The digitization of image and sound takes place at the quality level demanded by archives in the Netherlands. This quality is the basis for our service to all customers (including consumers).

For digitizing (large) collections, there are other requirements that we take into account in a digitization project.


With films (8mm, 9.5 mm, 16mm, 35mm) we can check the status of the films (acid measurements), advise in preserving the films. Often when transferring films, two versions are chosen, a 1-1 scan and a version to which image restorations have been applied (for the best possible viewing experience). We scan films with the best tested (sprocketless) film scanners with resolutions up to 4K. Cleaning of films is part of the transfer method by default. We can also remove mold on the films with special equipment. In the case of damage in the film such as scratches, scanning with the wetgate option can often provide a solution.

Slides, photos and negatives

Slides, photos and negatives can be scanned in large batches in high quality by our modern automated scanning line. Cleaning of this material can be done in different ways depending on the contamination (e.g. compressed air or special film cleaner).

Video and Audio

Video and audio material transfers are done with well-maintained studio equipment with professional video/audio converters. With old video material, for example, a timebase corrector is indispensable.

Preparation, cleaning and conservation

We also supply a wide range of items for film preparation, cleaning and conversion. These include AD strips for acid measurements, Kodak Molecular sieves for reducing vinigar syndrome, film cleaners, film stickers, approach strips, film cores and ventilated film boxes.

Also for equipment needed with working films we have an extensive range such as film rewinders, adhesive presses, film reels and split reels.

Large assignments are supported by a project manager.

More information:

Collection Regional Archives of Tilburg. 29-03-1938,
Photo Press Office Het Zuiden, glass negative,
Arrival of the 2nd Battalion of Hunters in the Stationsstraat Tilburg.