Do you still have (old) APS negatives?

These often dust away in a drawer somewhere, preventing you from sharing your valuable memories with the rest of the family Also, the photos/maps etc. are subject to quality loss.

By having this photographic material digitized, you immediately create a secure backup of these precious memories. You can also easily share them as digital images, via email or social media, with family, friends and/or acquaintances. In addition, you can create a beautiful new (digital) photo book with these digital images, ideal if you have several children.

We can professionally scan your APS negatives for you. All recordings on a roll are scanned. Deliver the rolls in the APS rolls (so don’t take the recordings out!)

You can easily calculate the costs with our price calculator.

Aps negatives in rol


Below is an overview of the rates we charge.

We do not have a minimum number of slides per order. However, there is a one-off set-up costs per order for transferring this type of material.

All prices include 21% VAT.

Calculate your price with our price calculator.

APS Negatieven (16x30mm)

Aantal rolletjes (prijs per stuk) 1500DPI (3 MP) 3000DPI (7MP)
1-4 stuks € 10,00 € 14,00
5-19 stuks € 8,00 € 12,00
20 of meer € 7,00 € 11,00
Omschrijving per opdracht
Instelkosten per overzetopdracht dia’s / negatieven / foto’s € 7,50
USB-stick/harde schijf/SSD
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Aps negatives in rol


Advanced Photo System (APS) negatives on strip (with a format of 16x30mm) are always in the cassettes in which they were also in the camera. The APS rolls come in lengths of 15, 25 and 40 images. Our scanner opens the cassette, automatically rolls the film into the scanner, scans it, rewinds it and closes the cassette. In all cases the photos are corrected for color, exposure, dust and scratches.

If the APS cassette cannot be read automatically (eg due to kink in the negative), the negative strip is removed from the cassette and scanned in manually. For such a defective cassette €0.50 per recording will be charged.

The negatives are converted to digital (positive) photos. You can specify a name per supplied cassette and we will use this as the folder name on the CD or DVD. We scan to JPEG format and all pictures are given a serial number as a filename.

The price is per image. A roll is always scanned in its entirety.

Frequently Asked Questions – Digitizing APS Negatives

Could I request a sample scan?

Yes, that is possible. You can request your free sample scan here.

When copying large files I get an error message

The problem when a large video file cannot be copied is usually that the file system of the hard disk or USB stick is still in FAT32 format. Files larger than 4GB cannot be stored on a FAT32 volume. Formatting the flash drive in the exFAT or NTFS file system will solve this problem.

You can find more information about this:

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