Van Eck Video Services

Why choose for Van Eck Video Services?

  • Quality
  • Clear and fair prices
  • Safety – Assignments under own management
  • Possibility for a free sample scan
  • Collect and return service
  • Personal attention and advice

Pictor Pro

With the Pictor Pro scanner we can offer even more for scanning super8 and 8mm films. A.o.: wetgate and full frame overscan.

What we do

Our goal is to preserve all sound and film for the future.

Digitalisation is an important element here.  We aim for perfection in image and sound quality. Our customer base is very diverse. Examples are archives, notary offices, media companies, photographers and consumers. We supply our articles worldwide. Our team is now with 8 dedicated people. an Eck video Services V.O.F. is lead by Edwin van Eck, and Linda van Eck – de Looff.

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