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Examples and references

We now have over 13 years of experience in transferring material for many customers. For individuals as well as companies. Our assignments vary very much in size and complexity: from inscanning a box of slides to digitizing complete archives including screen editing.

Example scans

Here are some example scans with our telecine film scanners.

16mm film - watersnoodramp 1953 for the Zeeland Archives

(more information about this digitalisation job and the Zeeland archives:

film scan of super8 cinemascope Animex Cineavision S8/2x

Screen corrections (colour and clarity)

Super8 film (in High Definition with image enhancements)

Different transfer options

16mm film (in HD frame by frame)

Filmed in 1948. Thanks to Foto van Hassel, Zundert.


Click to enlarge a 2000 DPI image.

© Rik Hindriks ( innovatie & subsidies Voorbeeld 2000 DPI dia scan © Rik Hindriks ( innovatie & subsidies © Rik Hindriks ( innovatie & subsidies


We work as well for individual as for the company life. Especially for costumers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Here is a selection of references from our costumers: