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Tips for repairing a film projector and addresses for repairs

Tips for repair of film or slide projector

If a projector has been idle for a long time, a repair often begins with:
  • removing old fat
  • apply new lubrication
  • replacing strings
  • lamp replacement
If you are somewhat handy, the above problems can often be solved yourself, with the right tools and parts. This solves the problems in many cases. However, not always. Other common problems:
  • the lamp base is defective
  • gears are cracked and need to be replaced
  • electronic components are defective. You can think of capacitors, diodes, resistors, ICs.
  • the gripper adjustment is no longer correct
  • the framework setting must be adjusted
  • the cam / cam follower needs to be replaced.
For these problems it is often necessary to call in a professional. For parts to order, see our parts finder . Tools for repairing film projectors and slide projectors Maintenance products for cleaning and lubricating your film projector or slide projector  

Addresses for maintenance and repair film and video equipment

  • Corona Image Technology – Almere, +31 (0)36 546 9565 (all)
  • Erik Snel – Drachten, E-mail: (specialist Eumig and mechanical problems)
  • Digital Super8 – Venray, E-mail: – repair of Elmo GS1200 and Bauer super8 projectors. Based on the intake, it is determined whether repair is possible or if necessary, a referral will be made.
  • Electro Service Midden Brabant (Udenhout – North Brabant) : Video, Camcorders, Tape recorders
  • Steve De Wachter, E-mail:, Korenbloemstraat 24, 9150 Kruibeke, Oost-Vlaanderen, België.
  • – Goldcoast – phone: 04111 43338
  • Joel Bleakley – Melbourne area –
  •  (Cannes) repair of 8mm, 16mm and 35mm film equipment
  • Ciao da Francesco E-mail: (16mm, 35mm, 70mm film equipment)
United Kingdom:
  • John White Projector Repair:
United States:
  • John Capazzo – New Jersey USA – Phone: 973 923 0636 – Repairs Elmo, Eumig ans Sankyo
  • Bill Phillips  – 16mmprojector repair  – Eiki, B&H, Hokushin, Long Island, NY.
  • – Flin, MI, USA – B&H, EIKI, Elmo, Ringmaster
  • Paul Fortea (Chicage area) : Offering worm gear replacement and rebuilds on all Bell and Howell 1500-2500 series autoload or manual load projectors,no slotloads,prices will very.. basic rebuilds include new aircraft aluminum gear,new main drive motor belt,timing adjustment,cleaning old and new lubrication..any other parts would need to be replaced ,any soundboard issues I do not work on,either the board needs to be replaced or you will need to find an electronic person to diagnose,shipping both ways is your cost,if you live in the midwest dropoff is accepted…turnaround times varies,but usually a week or less..please email me if you have interest
  • Cinemartin – Film projection – Repair – 16mm looper