We repair

  • Slide projectors
  • film projectors 8mm / 16mm
  • film viewers

Some frequently occuring problems

  • Broken or stretched belts
  • Broken lamp or lamp socket
  • Jammed motor
  • Electronic fault (e.g. defective transistor, fuse, capacitor or electrolytic capacitor)
  • Wrong claw adjustment
  • Missing connection cable


You can bring your projector to our shop in Tilburg (Netherlands), and pick it up.

You can also send us your projector. You can do this yourself, but we also offer a pickup and drop off service. You don’t have to leave the house, your projector will be picked up at home and sent back after repair.

See detailed information about shipping on the order page.

You can always contact us if you have any questions.


Description Price
Examination costs film projector € 25.00
Examination costs slide projector € 25.00
Workshop rate (per hour) € 45.00

If you don’t get the repair done, but instead exchange your old projector and take another projector from our range, you don’t have to pay any examination costs. See our available film projectors.

All prices include 21% VAT and are subject to change.

Our process

Before we carry out a repair, we do a preliminary examination. The costs will be charged in case the repair is carried out. Through the preliminary examination we are able to give you an estimate of the cost of repair.

Of course, it is always possible that there are more defects than revealed by the examination. If the cost estimate is exceeded, we will inform you and discuss the follow-up of the repair.

Parts & 3D Printing

We have an extensive range of spare parts available for repairs of slide projectors and film projectors. More and more often, however, we are unable to order certain parts. Fortunately, we have the expertise to produce these parts using 3D printing techniques. We also sell these 3D printed parts in our webshop.

We also make more and more 3D printed parts on commission (such as spare parts SAAB, clips, caps, gears, etc.). There is an interesting article about this in theDigital Movie Magazine from October 2015 (Dutch)


We give 2 months warranty on all our repairs.

If after 2 months, after several reminders via telephone and/or e-mail from us, there is no payment or the devices have not been picked up, we assume that you no longer appreciate the device(s) and they become the property of Van Eck Video Services.

Frequently Asked Questions – Repair of projectors

How much does repairing a film projector cost?

The cost depends in particular on the amount of time it takes to carry out the repair. Most maintenance/repairs cost between €70,= and €165,= In the case of electronic problems, costs may be higher. Before the repair is carried out, you will always receive a non-binding cost indication of the repair.

Can I repair my film projector or slide projector myself?

Can I repair my film projector or slide projector myself?

It depends very much on your own dexterity.

If a projector has been idle for a long time, a repair often begins with:

  • removing old fat
  • apply new lubrication
  • replacing strings
  • lamp replacement

If you are somewhat handy, the above problems can often be solved yourself, with the right tools and parts.

This solves the problems in many cases. However, not always. Other common problems:

  • the lamp base is defective
  • gears are cracked and need to be replaced
  • electronic components are defective. You can think of capacitors, diodes, resistors, ICs.
  • the gripper adjustment is no longer correct
  • the framework setting must be adjusted
  • the cam / cam follower needs to be replaced.

For these problems it is often necessary to call in a professional.

For parts to order, see our
parts finder

Tools for repairing film projectors and slide projectors

Maintenance products for cleaning and lubricating your film projector or slide projector


Addresses for maintenance and repair film and video equipment


  • Corona Image Technology – Almere, https://www.coronabeeldtechniek.nl/projector-reparatie/ +31 (0)36 546 9565 service@coronabeeldtechniek.nl (all)
  • Rotronica – Krimpen aan den IJssel, https://www.rotronica.nl/ phone: 0180-786005, e-mail: info@rotronica.nl (all)
  • Peter Groenenboom – Breukelen , https://www.groenenboommultimedia.nl/ (long delivery time, specialist Bauer and electronics) / +31 (0)346-830497
  • Erik Snel – Drachten, E-mail: menerik.snel@gmail.com, whatsapp: +31 (0) 6-52598299 (specialist Eumig and mechanical problems)
  • Digital Super8 – Venray, E-mail: digitalsuper8@gmail.com – repair of Elmo GS1200 and Bauer super8 projectors. Based on the intake, it is determined whether repair is possible or if necessary, a referral will be made.
  • Electro Service Midden Brabant (Udenhout – North Brabant) : https://www.esmb.nl: Video, Camcorders, Tape recorders


  • http://www.projectorheaven.com.au/ – Goldcoast – dogtor@projectorheaven.com.au phone: 04111 43338
  • Joel Bleakley – Melbourne area – joelbleakley@gmail.com


  • Ciao da Francesco E-mail: prospero1977@hotmail.com (16mm, 35mm, 70mm film equipment)

United Kingdom:

  • John White Projector Repair: http://www.the8mmshedshop.co.uk/

United States:

  • John Capazzo – New Jersey USA – Phone: 973 923 0636 – Repairs Elmo, Eumig ans Sankyo
  • Bill Phillips – 16mmprojector repair https://16mmprojectorrepair.com/ – Eiki, B&H, Hokushin, Long Island, NY.
  • http://www.rcsclassic16mm.com/ – Flin, MI, USA – B&H, EIKI, Elmo, Ringmaster


  • Cinemartin https://en.cinemartin.org/ – Film projection – Repair – 16mm looper





What type of 8mm film do I have?

There are two types of 8mm films:

1) super8 / single8

super8 films
super8/single8 film format

super8 films are usually put on coils with an inner diameter of 12 mm

2) regular8 (also called: normal8, standard8)

Regular 8 film (also called standard 8 or just 8mm film)

regular8 films are usually put on coils with an inner diameter of 8 mm

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