Type Quality Amount
Slides 24×36mm/18×24mm (5×5cm outer) Pieces
Other slide sizes / Smaller than 7×7 cm Pieces
Pieces Individual photos up to A4 Pieces
Other photos up to A4 Pieces
Other photos up to A3 Pieces
Duplicating photo albums Pages
Providing individual photos (surcharge €0,39/photo) Pieces
Negatives On a strip/roll (24×36mm) / Half-frame (18×24mm) Pieces
Pocket format (13×17mm) Pieces
Medium format (6cm breed) Pieces
Photographic plates (13×9cm) Pieces
APS (16×30mm) Rolls
Instamatic (28×28mm) Pieces
Kodak discs Discs
Storage medium
extra set(s) of DVDs
extra USB flash drives
Description Amount Price
Set-up costs photo€ 7,50
Put on USB/hard disk/InternetFree
Sub-Total (incl. 21% VAT) € 7,50
Total (incl. 21% VAT) € 7,50