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Digitize: Video

Digitize: Video

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Cine film

Videoband By digitizing your video tapes,
the ageing process gets restrained. Especially old analogue material has the tendency to loose quality quickly.
This under the influence of magnetism; a lot of video material is saved on a magnetic carrier, like a videotape.

We can transfer your video material to computer files. You can edit the files for example or play them directly with your media player. We can also transfer it to a DVD or Blu-Ray discs.
You can easily calculate the costs with our handy Price calculator.

Transfering to DVD/Blu-Ray

DVD (4,7 GB)
About 2 hours of good quality Standard Definition video(720×576 pixels) can be transferred to a single DVD. There is a possibility to save more data on a DVD; however this reduces the quality, which we don't recommend.

You can choose between a DVD Deluxe or a basic DVD. On a DVD Deluxe we can add a menu in which you can choose a chapter (as is common with most movie DVD's). We can add titles and, for example, give a new title to every video tape that's on the DVD. All irrelevant (empty spaces, irrelevant recordings) pieces will be removed before it's transferred to the DVD.

Luxe DVD Basis DVD
  • Menu with titles
  • Luxe DVD box
  • Cover on the box with colour print
  • DVD printed met menu
  • No menus
  • Simple box

Blu-Ray (25 GB)
About 4 hours of good quality High Definition video (max 1920×1080) can be transferred to a Blu-Ray disc.


Digitaliseer uw oude videomateriaal!

We can convert your video recordings for all modern video formats.


By default we deliver your digitized tapes in the format: H.264. Ofcourse, we can also deliver other formats if required. For example, Apple ProRes or uncompressed AVI.

Following is a summary of the most popular codecs used today:

Standard Definition (720 x 576 pixels)


bit rate






Old standard defintion video, used for mini-dv tapes.




Predecessor of H264, used vor DVDs.




Recommended codec - used on most devices. Good quality / file size rati

AVI Uncompressed



Large files - best quality. However few devices can play this codec.

If you want to verify if you video editing sofware can process a certain codec, you can download our codec package (

This package contains fragments of video in the codecs above. Each fragment (except the AVI uncompressed), are 13.600 seconds in duration.


We can digitize video in the following formats: Used techniques
All digitizing is done in a professional way. Analogue video will be enhanced with the help of a professional timebase corrector. The source material will be edited to fit on DVD/Blu-Ray (DVD authoring) with a computer. The video compressing is done with software (with 2-pass encoding) for the best quality possible. We use MPEG-2 for DVD and H.264 for Blu-Ray.


Here is a summary of all the prices we use. If you'd like to calculate what the costs would be, you could use our easy-to-use Price calculator. All prices include 21% VAT.


All prices are per minute. A minimum of 15 minutes per tape will be charged.

Type < 500 minutes 501-2000 minutes > 2000 minutes
Video 8, hi-8, (S)VHS, (S)VHS-C, mini-DV, Digital8 €0,21 €0,19 €0,18
Video 2000/VCC, Betamax, Mini-DVD, MicroMV €0,25 €0,23 €0,21
HDV (HDV mini-dv tapes), Laserdisc, DV, DV CAM, CD-i €0,29 €0,27 €0,25
U-Matic (lowband, BVU, BVU SP) €0,65 €0,60 €0,54
Betacam SP, Betacam SX, Digital Betacam (DigiBeta), VCR (Philips N1500, N1700) €0,82 €0,77 €0,71

Add-on for usage of professionele codecs (AVI Uncompressed / FFV1 / Apple Prores): €0,15/minute.

Video Floppy disk (VF-50): €23,50 per disk

We can also repair damaged tapes. The cost for this is €18,50. You can find more information here.

Transfer to media

Type Price
Transfer to basic DVD €12,00
Transfer DVD Deluxe (DVD box, colour print on the box, DVD printed in colour, menu with titles) €17,00
Transfer to Blu-Ray (includes menu with animations, Blu-Ray box and colour print on photo paper) €20,00
Extra copy of a Basic DVD (cheaper if more copies are made) €7,65
Extra copy of a DVD Deluxe (cheaper if more copies are made) €9,25
Extra copy of a Blu-Ray €12,25

Hard disc/Memory stick
You can bring a hard disc or memory stick with you or you can purchase or rent a hard disc. Send via the internet
Keep in mind that sending films via the internet can take a long time, depending on your internet speed. We advice to put larger files on an external hard disc or a memory stick.